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Santam Santam
SANTAM Engineering Design Co. was founded in 1990 and began its officially activities in 1992 in Iran. Its activities include design and manufacture of Materials Testing and Engineering Teaching Equipment.



v With its long history of activity and by having designed and manufactured more than 70 types of laboratory machines, SANTAM is a pioneering of Materials Testing Equipment in Iran and is one of the most important companies that produce laboratory Testing and Quality Control equipment by studying the mechanical properties of materials in the Middle East.


v SANTAM has a plant equipped with laboratory equipment manufacturing machinery and has General Management, Sales (domestic and foreign), Design (Mechanical, Electronic, Software and R&D), Production (Mechanical , Electronic, Assembly and QC) , After-Sales Services, Departments. As almost all of the stages of manufacture (more than 80%) are carried out in the plant under direct supervision, SANTAM's products are produced at an optimum quality and a low cost.


v Because of innovation in manufacturing the most important instrument for testing the mechanical properties of materials (Universal Testing Machine i.e. fully computerized tension and compression testing machine), it was awarded a prize in Kharazmi International Festival 1996.


v In order to improve the quality of its products, SANTAM implemented the ISO9001-2000 standard, the certificate of which it obtained in 2004.

vIn order to be compatible with European standards and to export to said countries, since early 2005 SANTAM's mechanical properties test instruments were made to fully conform to the CE standard.

To provide sophisticated laboratory equipment products with the following qualities:
w High degree of precision;
w Optimum efficiency;
w Low price;
w Easy operation;
w Conforming to the customer's requirement.
  In order to satisfy the different customers, the following conditions were fulfilled:
w A limited budget;
w Operator with a normal level of technical know-how;
w Expecting high precision and performance in the instrument;
w Expecting complete fulfillment of all the appropriate technical requirements.

In general, SANTAM's products are divided into two categories:

A) Laboratory equipment for quality control of the mechanical properties of materials; which are applied in the industries and are designed and produced according to the international standards (ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS, ), such as the:

w Metal industries (rod, sheet, round bar, reinforcement, pipe, electrode, chain, cable, wire, casting, )
w Plastic (sheet, film, granule, polymer pipe, foam, plastic parts, )
w Rubber (tire, shoe, glove, seal, sealing, rubber pieces, )
w Cellulose (wood, paper, cardboard, kleenex , carton, )
w Textile (Yarn, thread, cloth , fabric, belt, )
w Ceramic
w Composite
w Graphite

  B) Laboratory equipment for engineering training:
Which are applied in university laboratories in the fields of mechanical , metallurgy, civil engineering such as laboratories of:
w Strength of materials;
w Theory of machines;
w Thermodynamics;
w Fluid mechanics;
w Aerodynamics.

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